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How I can order your products?

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First, you should send us an email  about your order list for price request. After receiving our price offer and product availability with delivery time information you can confirm the order.

How I can process the payment, and do I have to pay whole sum at once?

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After confirming our price offer with delivery time, you can process first the usual payment term such as 30% at order remaining 70% before shipment to our bank address which is indicated in invoice.

How you are going to deliver my order?

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After getting your order and first payment we are delivering your order within production time and free of charge to your transportation company warehouse in Istanbul.  If you do not have a transport company with which you are working, our managers will help you in this choice.

Guarantee. Rules of exchange & Return Policy

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All products selling by «Erkrafter» are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of sale.If you received any defective items or got claims of products, take a picture of the defective items and send us a photo with a description of the problem by email to [email protected]. And we immediately refund your money for the defective goods or to replace a similar to the following your order.

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